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take a look at some of the already completed realizations or sold accessories and let yourself be inspired.




My latest


Floresta kitchen

Floral motifs that will dominate the space and a rustic look in harmony with a simple modern kitchen, that was the task for this realization.

The diagonal cuts of the tiles create an interesting composition of tiles and intersect the pastel-toned painting with gold details, stretching from one corner of the kitchen to the other.

The tiles are carved in the upper part of the wall and in some places plastic, so that they gradually connect with the matte plastered wall in the background, but at the same time contrast with it.

Pasatempo kitchen

Monochromatic realization, refreshed with golden details and delicate drawings.

The brief was a subtle but playful aesthetic. The tiles fit together and create individual shapes, which we placed on a mother-of-pearl background - especially behind the most used parts of the kitchen worktop.