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Keramický střep

About us

Keramický střep
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We are Lamon,

a studio engaged in the design and production

of interior ceramic tiles and home accessories.


Our philosophy is quality and perfectly processed products, strong in their characteristics, spirit, and form. We believe that both the home and public space can be a place for imagination and the creation of interesting structures. We do things both practical and impractical, but always with the goal to inject a little more emotion into our world.


Everything you find here is designed and manufactured down to the last detail in our own

Prague studio, where we cordially

invite you. 

Nezávazná schůzka káva
Keramický střep

2. Inspection of your space

For more complex installations, we will probably arrange a personal visit to your space. We will inspect the place, soak up the genius loci

and on that occasion, we will measure the space and take pictures for further processing.

Návrh řešení a realizace

4. Production of tiles

The actual production of your tiles will take us about 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the size of the entire project. We have to be patient, ceramics is a complex material

and if we want to achieve a perfect result, none of their stages can be rushed. However, at any time during the course of the work, you can come and have a look and make sure that everything is going according to plan.

Instalace keramických obkladů
Art Director LAMON Studia a vitrína
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And how
does it work?

Our goal is to create a customized implementation for you and your interior. That is why we offer you the option of choosing from existing collections or processing of design that completely matches your ideas.

You can contact us remotely or stop by our studio at Hausmannova 3047 in Prague to chat in person. If you remember, take with you photos and the dimensions of your space, they will come in handy.  The consultation is, of course,


1. Non-binding appointment

At the very beginning, we will look at our sample books together, we will have a moment to talk about your needs

and priorities and we will find out in which direction the implementation should go.

Prohlídka prostoru

3. Design and realization solutions

The first swallows will follow in the form of designs and visualizations. As soon as you choose a specific form of tiles, we will start testing glazes and decorations. As soon as we agree on the final form, we can start production.

Výroba keramických obkladů

5. Installation of tiles

After the production is completed, we will meet at the final installation, which we will completely arrange for you. Our tiles are very specific and some parts require sensitive handling and proper fitting. That's why we are always present at tiling - this way we can guarantee the best result for maximum mutual satisfaction.

Keramický střep
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