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     We are Lamon, a Czech-Brazilian ceramic studio. We mainly produce tiles, as well as wall sculptures, vases, hanging objects and other useful and useless items.


     Our philosophy is quality and perfectly processed products, strong in their characteristics, expression, spirit and form. Everything you find here is designed and manufactured to the last detail. We press, model, paint and print.


      We believe that home and public space can be a place for imagination and the creation of interesting structures. We do practical and impractical things, but always with an expression and with the aim of putting a little more emotion and a little playfulness into our useful world.


      You can choose from ready-made collections of tiles and objects or you can contact us and we will create a tailor-made realization for you. And in terms of shapes, structures and colors. The consultation is, of course, non-binding.



     We are Lamon,


Yours, Barbora Soukupová and Felipe Pezente Gomes.