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Finely carved decorative tiles, intended primarily for visual experience. The lace blends with the wall and thus forms a delicate pattern. 

The lace can only be used in the upper part of the tiling on an area where there is no risk of major contamination or on the entire wall, complemented by a washable masonry coating. The shapes of the lace can be different, according to your preferences.  

In this variant, the facing is processed in a mother-of-pearl variant. 


Keramický obklad

Material ceramic / surface glossy, pearly

Basic size 27 x 13 cm / thickness 0.6 cm

1m2 /ca 10 kg

15 780 CZK / m2 (pruned tiles)

520 CZK / m2 (smooth tiles)


Production: 6 - 8 weeks

Keramický obklad
Keramický obklad
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