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Ceramic Tiles

Keramický střep
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Keramický střep
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Choose ceramic

tiles according to the type of use

and style of your interior. We will be happy

to help you choose the right one and adapt the final

design to your wishes and the place of installation

- whether it is a bathroom, kitchen, cafe, reception or other areas.

Or contact us, we will create a new design tailored for you.


Do you have your own idea? Send your proposal, we will be happy to process it for you and produce tiles with your motif.​

We offer smooth painted tiling for easy maintenance, fine

hand-cut tiles for decor lovers as well as structured relief modeling for places with a distinctive loci genius.

You can also look in the portals section.

Maybe one of them would suit

your door.​



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Keramický střep
Keramický střep
Keramický střep

We recommend tiles without surface modeling to customers who do not want to worry about the maintenance of a ceramic installation.


For those who prefer legible geometric shapes and for those who enjoy the sight of large-scale organic painting applied to smooth tiles.  



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The uniqueness of cut tiles lies in their gradual merging with the underlying surface. Thanks to the transitions between the matte wall and the gloss of the ceramic tile, the installed surface acts as a natural part of the interior. ​


You can choose from delicate lace, sharp angles, and floral motifs. ​


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We recommend embossed tiles to anyone who prefers a unique expression of the environment to ubiquitous practicality. ​


Lovers of decor and unique structures will find something here. From wild organic shapes to subtle elements accentuating the background painting. ​



Keramický střep
Keramický střep

Give your door the right expression and harmonize it with the interior space of your interior.

Contact us

Do you have a question? Get in touch with us.
We will be happy to help you.

Thank you, we'll get back to you soon.
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