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Floral sculpture applied over smooth glazed tiles.

The modeling copies the shape of the rectangular cladding and yet covers the individual joints. Placing it on the wall is therefore no problem and at the same time it acts as one integrated image.

We can choose between two options - either the sculpture itself, which is inserted into ordinary masonry and has a purely decorative purpose, or the sculpture, which in the upper part of the paneling smoothly transitions into a smooth tile and thus covers surfaces that can become dirty.

Available in different colors and shapes of the bottom lining.


Keramický obklad

Material ceramic / surface matt, glossy

Size 27 x 13 cm / thickness 0.6 - 4 cm

1m2 / ca 15 kg

9 780 CZK / m2 (plastic tiles)

520 CZK / m2 (smooth tiles)


Production: 6 - 8 weeks

Keramický obklad
Keramický obklad
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