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General terms and Conditions

Keramický střep
Keramický střep
Keramický střep

These terms and conditions regulate the rights and obligations of the contracting parties arising from the purchase contract concluded between us (hereinafter referred to as the "seller") and the buyer (hereinafter referred to as the "buyer") through our e-shop, personal sales or through a binding order for the manufacture of a custom order.

By ordering goods on, purchasing goods in our establishment or concluding a binding order, you give your consent to be bound by the conditions stated in this document.

According to these GTC, the "sale of goods" is considered to be the sale of goods, the creation of a work and the provision of a service.

According to these GTC, "goods" means goods, work and service.

According to these GTC, "Purchase contract" means a purchase contract, a contract for work and a contract for the provision of services. According to these GTC, "seller" means the seller, contractor and service provider.

According to these GTC, "buyer" also means the customer and recipient of the service.


Our contact details:



+420 774 843 300




Headquarters and place of business:

Hausmannova 3047, Prague 12, 143 00

Accountable Manager:

MgA. Barbora Soukupová

ID number:


Opening hours:

ccording by prior agreement

We are not VAT payers.


The e-shop enables the sale of all products in the "Home accessories" section, which are ready-made products

for collection (according to corresponding stock). In the event of a missing product, the seller is able, after prior agreement with the buyer, to produce the requested goods and then deliver them after payment.

The buyer shows his agreement with the GTC by checking it when ordering goods in the online store. With his consent, the buyer confirms that he has read the General Terms and Conditions and that he understands their content. A direct link to this page to study the GTC is visibly marked.  


An order is a proposal to conclude a purchase contract, which is created at the moment of acceptance of the purchased goods by the buyer. The buyer is bound by his proposal to conclude a purchase contract for a period of seven days from the sending of the order.


The buyer can order goods during a personal visit to our establishment, via the website

and related online store or a binding electronic request.

For online orders through our e-shop, a preview of the complete order is displayed before they are sent, and the buyer is thus enabled to check the entered data. 

The seller undertakes to respond to this proposal from the buyer within 5 working days at the latest.

Confirmation of receipt of the proposal is not, however, its acceptance, but only a confirmation of delivery of the order.

The acceptance of the proposal by the seller and the conclusion of a proper purchase contract is considered to be sent by the seller to the buyer confirming the receipt of the order and sending the goods.


The estimated date of delivery of the goods is a maximum of seven days, unless other information is indicated directly for the specific goods.


The goods must be paid before they are picked up or sent. More information about payment options is here. All prices are final and include VAT at the currently applicable rate.


The cost of postage and packaging is paid by the buyer in the amount specified in the valid price list, which corresponds to the type of transport chosen when ordering the goods.


Upon delivery of the goods, complete ownership rights, as well as the risk of damage to the goods (damage or destruction), are transferred to the buyer.


The buyer is entitled to request the exchange or return of the purchased goods, according to these rules.

Sales to order

Custom sales mean a request for an assortment from the "tiles" section (all types of tiles including portals) or other specific custom goods ( all other custom assortments) requested by the buyer. These types of goods are made or modified directly according to the buyer's requirements and are subject to a special regime.

To start the production and delivery of goods to the buyer, it is necessary to conclude a contract "for work and delivery of goods" or a contract "for work, delivery of goods and provision of service" (unless mutually agreed otherwise) and advance payment is required. 


The sending of a binding order for custom-made goods by the buyer (by post or electronically) is taken as a proposal for concluding a purchase contract.

The purchase contract as such is concluded only when the binding confirmation of the order from the seller is delivered to the buyer (by mail or electronically).

By concluding the purchase contract, the buyer confirms that he has been informed of these terms and conditions and the complaint procedure before concluding it (making a binding order), that he has sufficiently familiarized himself with them and that he agrees with them. 


After mutual written approval of the final design of the requested work (custom goods), the buyer is obliged to pay the seller 50% of the purchase price, incl. VAT agreed in the purchase contract (unless otherwise agreed), no later than eight days from the date of conclusion of the purchase contract (unless otherwise agreed).

Payment of the deposit is only possible by bank transfer or in cash at the Lamon headquarters. The purchase price supplement can be paid in the same ways. 

As long as the buyer does not pay an advance on the purchase price, the seller is not obliged to start the production of the goods, nor is he obliged to deliver the goods to the buyer.


The time of delivery of the goods is extended by the time of the buyer's delay in paying the price of the goods or advance payment for the price of the goods. If the buyer does not pay the price of the goods or the advance payment for the price of the goods even within 15 days from the date of conclusion of the purchase contract, the purchase contract (order) is considered to be canceled by the futile expiration of this period, unless the parties agree otherwise.

The remaining 50% of the purchase price incl. The buyer is obliged to pay the VAT agreed in the purchase contract (unless otherwise agreed) by bank transfer or in cash at the Lamon headquarters no later than 8 days after the final installation of the work at the agreed address and the signing of the delivery note (no- if agreed otherwise).


During the production of the contracted work, the buyer is regularly informed about its progress and has the right to come and see the work in progress after a prior agreement.


Unless otherwise agreed, the place of delivery is the address requested by the buyer and agreed in advance in the purchase contract.


The costs of transport, packaging and installation are included in the agreed purchase price of the delivery.


If the buyer subsequently requests delivery to a different address than the agreed-upon address, he will bear additional costs for its delivery.

The seller fulfills his obligation to deliver the goods at the moment when the goods are taken over by the buyer after their delivery and installation (lining of the wall in question) at the agreed place. The latter is obliged to confirm the acceptance by signing the handover protocol or the delivery note.


If a person other than the buyer will take over the goods, it is necessary to specify in advance in writing another person responsible for taking over the goods. 

If the buyer does not take over the goods within the agreed term and is not willing to agree on the subsequent delivery offered by the seller, after the expiration of this alternative term, he will be obliged to pay a penalty in the amount of  0.5% from the total price of the goods (including VAT) for each day of delay in acceptance.


The seller is responsible to the buyer for the fact that the goods do not have any hidden defects upon receipt and correspond in condition and properties to what the parties have agreed with regard to the nature of the goods.

By signing the delivery note immediately after taking over the finished work, the complete right of ownership passes to the buyer, and with it the risk of damage to the goods (damage or destruction).


In the case of custom production, the buyer does not have the right to withdraw from the contract, according to the provisions of § 1829 et seq. of the Civil Code, even if he is a consumer, because and in the event that:

- the consumer does not have the right to withdraw from the contract for the supply of goods that have been modified according to the wishes of the buyer (consumer) or for his person;

- the consumer does not have the right to withdraw from the contract for repair or maintenance carried out at the place designated by the consumer at his request;

- supply of goods, the price of which (or the price of its component) depends on fluctuations in the financial market, independent of the will of the entrepreneur.

Copyright Lamon Brand

All intellectual property rights, such as trademarks, designs, visualizations, products, realized designs and installations and other products of the Lamon brand are subject to Act No. 121/2000 Coll. on copyright,

on rights related to copyright and the amendment of certain laws (copyright law), as well as published and unpublished photos of our goods and services and all content of the website, Facebook page , Instagram page and all other content published by the Lamon brand in communication media.



Further arrangements

All actions, business relationships and contracts are always governed by Czech law, even if the buyer or other element of the counterparty is of foreign origin. This does not affect consumer rights arising from generally binding legal regulations.  

Final Arrangements

The Seller may change the products and services described on its website at any time.

The seller has the right to unilaterally change these general terms and conditions. Notification of changes to the conditions is made by publishing them on the website of the Lamon brand. Changes to these terms and conditions do not apply to contracts already concluded.

These terms and conditions take effect on July 1, 2022.

You can contact us with comments and suggestions in writing at Hausmannova 3047, Prague 12, 143 00, electronically at, or by phone at +420 774 824 300.

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